The three fundamental shift of modern learning environments


  1. The social learner: moving from me to we;
  2. The self directed learner: moving from dependency to autonomy; and
  3. The inquiry-based learner: moving from the know to the unknown.

7 Things Schools Of The Future Will Do Well

  1. Set Important Goals:Good schools have a common intellectual mission. They lead community conversations that result in important goals.

Powerful learning experiences;

Global preparedness;

Growth for all;

Excellence in communications; and

Informed/involved community.

  1. Create Powerful Learning Experiences. Innovative schools focus on how students learn.  Next-gen schools will feature a 3 screen day (for consumption, production, and sharing) with broadband at school and home and will provision 24/7/365 learning opportunities of vetted resources. Next-gen schools will have multiple language learning options and tailored pathways to post-secondary options (e.g., fast, selective, career-specific).

Next gen schools leverage technology supported roles for deeper learning including student as producer, journalist, scientist, historian, maker, inventor, coder, apprentice, and coach. Next gen schools create relevance, value application, encourage integration, and push critical thinking. They prepare global citizens.

  1. Manage Productive Learning Environments. Next-gen schedules will include a shift to an online delivery for a portion of the day to make students, teachers, and schools more productive using rotation and flex models.
  2. Know Students.Next-gen schools will know students well by managing a comprehensive learner profile that drives student-centered learning.

Next-gen schools will fill super gradebook with experience-embedded assessment and teacher observations. The data will help build a motivational profile of the kind of experiences that produce persistence and performance.  Student records will include a portfolio of personal bests.

  1. Promote Growth.Students in next-gen schools will show what they know and will progress when they’ve demonstrated mastery.  Knowledge maps will guide the way.  Badges and other recognition systems will chart their accomplishment.
  2. Leverage Teacher Talent.Next-gen schools will recruit, develop, and leverage the talent of great teachers. They will use differentiated roles from assistant to master teacher and will make use of some part time specialists at a distance.
  3. Build Community. Next-gen schools will build community, involve parents, and make connections with youth and family services.  They will value work and community based learning, outreach and service.


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